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Quotation and Invoicing Software

  • Create quotes and invoices within seconds.
  • Send quotes and invoices with e-mail with the click of a button.
  • Have a real-time overview of all the invoicing and unpaid invoices.
  • Use the software with any device, anywhere.

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Recent projects

Astri AS

Astri was spending too much time and resources on gathering an validating statistical data from their 400+ customers. We developed a unique database to give them fast access to data from any device, anywhere. This helped them save thousands of dollars in gained productivity, plus better reporting!



EKSO AS had a major problem forgetting to invoice clients, leading to loss of revenue and delays in cash flow. They also didn’t have the infrastructure in place to handle salary calculations, proper booking of resources (vehicles and drivers), or calculating profitability. We developed a custom database which automated all of these problems for them, saving them hundreds of hours in productivity and thousands of dollars in lost revenue!


VKG Transport AS

VKG was dealing with scattered data that management couldn’t decipher to make key decisions. Data was mismanaged and in many cases, contained errors. Our custom database helped them combine their data into one instant reporting tool for easier access and better decision making. One report in particular saved showed them anomalies in fuel consumption and they discovered, and fired, a few employees who were stealing from them!


Client case studies

Ehitusveod OÜ was suffering from too many employees due to lack of automation. Our bespoke database helped them automate many trivial tasks, allowing them to let go of two employees and freeing up more cash flow. It also saved significant amounts of money due to faster invoicing, and led to increases in profitability by giving them access to more profitability data which they then implemented. The owner was pleased that he could work on all this from any computer, anywhere in the world!


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You can order a demonstration of the software. We will contact you within 24 hours after the initial request. Ordering the demo version does not oblige you to anything.


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ViewData and are trademarks on Andmebaas OÜ, Estonian company established in 2011. Andmebaas OÜ was established by IT-professionals and software consultants who saw the need for web-based information systems which work on any internet-capable device and could be developed and modified rapidly.

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14.10.2013. The first standard module, allowing managing quotations and invoices with mobile phones, tablets and any other computing devices, is online. Free trial registration is available here….

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